Concrete Repairs

The design life of concrete is what the engineers consider in any structure. After the elapse of the design life, the infrastructure becomes obsolete, and thus, it is no longer safe to use the infrastructure for the intended purpose. In some instances, external forces such as earthquakes, winds, or even mechanical damage destroy the facility or the structure by moving facilities. Environmental conditions also cause such damages to exist.

Concrete is among the most used materials in the construction industry because of the many advantages directly linked to it. Some of the benefits include fire resistance, resistance to corrosion, and durability when compared to other materials. Despite the mentioned benefits, there are drawbacks associated with it, such as the tear and wear in addition to cracks.
In any structure, their design involves two types of limits states, namely, the serviceability and the ultimate limit states. The ultimate limit state is a state in which the structure is deemed not fit for use as it can cause collapse. On the other hand, the serviceability limit state involves the appearance or how the structure behaves when in use, i.e., plaster peeling off, sagging of truss members, etc.

Chemical damage in concrete occurs when there are some chemical compounds in the soil, such as chlorides, exposure to seawater, among others. Such chemicals harm the concrete structure as it can destroy the bonds existing between the aggregates and the binding material. If this is unchecked or the repairs made, it can result in the collapse of the structure and the loss of millions of money to the investors.

Structural damage is a type of damage to concrete when it is being cast. It means that the right procedure was not followed, and thus, the desired strength will not be achieved for that matter. In case of this fault occurring on some portion of a building, it is feasible that the structure is repaired. This saves the client a lot of money and wastage that would have been incurred in demolishing the structure and building it again.

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Finally, we have fire resistance damage. Concrete is always designed to resist fire for one hour, one and a half hours, two hours, etc. When there is fire on the part of the building, the concrete will be destroyed as the bonds in concrete are weakened. This makes the structure risky for that matter.

Concrete repair is a normal operation when one is dealing with concrete. It is essential as it increases the life span of the structure. In case you find structural damage, it is imperative that you reach out to us for immediate checks and repairs. To ensure that people are safe, concrete repairs are crucial as it ensures that the concrete members effectively support the loadings. With a specialized team of professionals, we serve the interests of the clients by ensuring that they live in a safe structure. We have experts who have been working on various structural concrete facilities, and they have gathered vast knowledge to ensure that they deliver in the field.

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